Which One Should You Choose- PPC or SEO

Being a businessman, you may be noticing the SEO strategy working immensely for your rivals isn’t bringing you the desired result. Have you ever thought why it is happening instead of blaming your luck? It may be because you don’t need any SEO campaign. So? There’s another campaign which is used widely to generate leads. And that’s PPC.

Now, how would you know which to pick- SEO or PPC? Depending on the objectives of your company, your search engine marketing firm will take the decision.

How SEO is Different from PPC?

SEO: By targeting specific keywords on the major search engines like Google and Yahoo, SEO attempts to bring your website on the top position of SERPs.

PPC: PPC targets certain keywords on SERPs by creating online ads. These ads are generally paid ads.

Is SEO Better than PPC?

Many consider SEO as the winner when it comes to strengthening online presence. To some extent, they’re right. Even if you’re investing in PPC, you shouldn’t ignore SEO. Statistically, SEO brings more reliable leads by giving you prospective customers.

Numerous data have already proved the power of SEO in increasing your sales. By opting for natural SEO, you can built the trust of the clients on your business. Your audiences will regard you as a big shot in the industry when you gain top Google rank for certain keywords.

Unfortunately, these advantages of SEO aren’t free. You need to hire a well-known search engine marketing firm to perform it on your behalf.

Can PPC without SEO Bring You Profit?

Just because PPC directly demands investment doesn’t mean that you should avoid it. PPC has its own role to play strengthening your SEO strategy. Depending on your monthly marketing budget, your PPC use must be evaluated. If you’re ready to spend minimum $50 to $100 on each click, go for PPC. But, in case you’re spending less than it, PPC may not give your expected ROI. Keep in mind, every person who is clicking on your ad may not go to buy your product or service.


So, you have decided which to choose, right? Actually, doing both simultaneously will be good for your business. To increase traffic in a single hit, PPC is the best. Learn the twists as Google Adwords isn’t that straightforward. PPC gives the fastest results in keeping the things moving.

On the other hand, SEO is a time-consuming option to boost the sales. If this is your first attempt in creating online presence, then you need to have patience as Google sandbox will trap your website for the first few months before making it visible online. However, the results will fluctuate.

Despite the fact that SEO gives unstable outcomes, it is one of the most preferred ways of getting quality leads. Plus, code optimization, improving the content-all these parts of SEO will hugely influence your PPC ads. If done rightly by combining both the strategies, your business can achieve success within a short time.

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