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Terms & Conditions


Ellmech Education has been providing vocational and non – vocational IT and no – IT education and training since 2012. This division of Ellmech Institute of Technology (P) Ltd also provides academic tutorials from class V to class XII which is specially for financially poor people.

Payment terms

The payments are different for different courses depending on the nature of the course. Payment for each course must be made at one time to the company. The payment made for a particular course once is non-refundable for any reason.

Warranties and Delivery Timeline

Ellmech Education is liable to finish a fixed course within stipulated time period ixed for each individual course. The company is also committed to issue completion certificate to the participants within 15 (Fifteen) days to one month time, after successfully completion of the particular course by the participants. Ellmech Education is not liable to issue any certificate to any participants for incompletion of any course for any reason.

Return and Refund Policy

Ellmech Education is not responsible to return or refund the course fees once paid by the participants against incompletion of a particular course for any reason. The payment made by the participants ae non – refundable.

Privacy statement, Property and Copyright

Ellmech Education is division of Ellmech Intitute of Technology (P) Ltd which is a company limited with trademark. The course contents for each and every course are sole properties off the company and the company has it’s complete copyright on them. No individual or no organization can use them or sell them outside without the permission of the company. If any Individual or any organization if found to do so, it will be considered as punishable offence as guilty under the law.

Terminating Agreement

Ellmech Education has complete authority to terminate all kinds of agreement between company and the participants at any time without prior notice if any participant is found to be guilty for violation of law and order issued by the company. In that case company is responsible to return the amount paid by the participants as course fees to the company.

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